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"Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know themselves – their strengths, their values, and how they best perform."
Peter Drucker


Coaching can come in several forms: on the executive level, in business questions or personal challenges. Each coaching engagement is unique. The only part where I see parallels being a coach for two decades is that life and business is never separate and that you, as an impactful leader show up best, when both parts are aligned and authentic.

I bring decades of experience to the table, ranging from working in senior management positions for large corporations in various industries to being an entrepreneur myself.

For that reason I can 'switch my hats' to what is needed in the moment: reflective inquiry to accountability partner.


Through my broad expertise and educational background I integrate an unusual variety of methods in my work such as somatic practices (understanding the wisdom of the body), meditation (calming the mind to focus) and creativity techniques (expand our possibilities).


I am holding a Masters degree in economics and marketing (MBA), certifications in NLP & Business Coaching as well as plenty of trainings in Leadership 4.0, New Work and Personal Growth.

You find more about me here

Are you aspired to move from 'managing' to 'Inspirational Leadership' and lead your team and company through transformation?

  • Ready to live your full potential and strengths?

  • Lead authentically and with purpose

  • Become a strong and visionary communicator

  • Lead effective teams during times of change

  • Integrate diversity and lead remote intercultural teams

  • Build a vibrant corporate culture


Easier said than done. I walked in your shoes, felt the pressure and challenges from all sides and asked myself also these questions:

  • Is it time for a new job or career change?

  • Should I consider to start my own business?

  • What is my true life purpose and deep passion?

  • How do I feeling again in balance instead of burned out?

  • How can I adopt to constant changes and challenges?

  • How much influence I have in circumstances around me?

Are these also your questions? What else is on your mind?


My clients come for different reasons.

  • to thrive in their career

  • feel balanced and in flow

  • have great (business) relationships

  • achieve their goals

  • and brought meaning into their work (and life)

Depends on the context my expertise allows me to 'switch hats' from coach to consultant or sometimes even being a muse.


Ready for a creative source of new perspectives & possibilities? Excited to support you to drive results, while being your cheerleader or even a kick-ass mentor and sounding board.

Let's have a conversation and see if we are a good fit on your path to achieve your personal and professional objectives.


All sessions are offered either in person or virtual.


  1. 'Pick my brain' session

  2. 'Boot Camp' Day-Intensive

  3. Engagements of 3-months

Or join my group Mastermind in Regenerative Leadership.

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Pick-my Brain session


'Boot Camp' Day-Intensive

Eve Speaking at Katapult Oslo.jpg

3-months engagement 1:1

Image by Maksim Shutov
All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.

(Earl Nightingale)

Anjali Sawhney, California

When you are ready, as an entrepreneur, business leader or manager, to move into a flourishing and vision oriented leadership you will find in Eve a professional, accountable oriented and heartfelt coach combined with a strong and innovative consulting mind. Eve is highly talented at altering small details for big impact. She looked at the totality of who I am in relation to my environment and opened up exciting and practical new possibilities. Hiring her will improve your life!"

Hans Overturf

Venture Capitalist, Switzerland

"Eve has been my life and business coach for several months. She has helped me become more efficient and effective in both my business and my private life. I am now more focused via incorporating my goals into all I do. Eve also has an extensive business background and there for could consult me in business questions as well.
What has been very helpful is the fact that Eve coached both me and my wife, simultaneously and individually, which has allowed us sync all of our goals. The NLP practices that Eve did with my wife lead to immediate results for long-term unresolved issues.
I highly recommend Eve for your life and business coaching.

Dr. Katharina Johnson, Austria

“Eve is a wonderful and inspirational coach. Her unique approach is based on her extensive knowledge, as well as her intuition. Her down to earth German style produces wonderful results in a short time - and most importantly - her techniques are fun and easy to implement. I can wholeheartedly recommend Eve to anyone wanting a profound change. My business is developing beautiful and in sync with myself."

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