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"If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives."
Rob Brown


Key-Note Speaker

on International Stages

My key-notes are sparked with impulses of innovative technologies and sustainable New Work solutions, paired with the Silicon Valley DNA and a passion to drive Inner Sustainability goals. These unique outlook on business will also help your company and leaders dynamicly navigate inspired the future.

I am well experienced for virtual stages and physical presence. Was invited to in-house Events or global Conferences such as Katapult Future Fest in Oslo, VW Leadership conference in Poznan, 3M Neuss, Agile Human Conference in Belgrade, Women@Work in Bonn or virtual stages such as Requisite Agility Conference, Deloitte Female Network and Oxford Leadership Conference.

It's my passion to integrate cutting edge economic and human potential models, sustainable life-style subjects, evolutionary sciences and best practices. A life on two continents is a wonderful source for inspiration.

My key-notes building bridges between different segments to address a more systemic viewpoint.

  1. Future Leadership

  2. Diversity & Inclusion

  3. Conscious & Regenerative Business

  4. Innovation & Technology

  5. Personal Excellence

  6. Entrepreneurial Mindset

"Several times I had the pleasure to hear Eve's inspiring Key-Note 'Art of Start- Formula for Change'. Every time it was different with out of the box new insights.
She clearly knows about the high's and low's of the Silicon Valley Mindset & Culture and the start-up scene for new solutions in many different fields.
With her expertise and profound skills 'picking her brain' as an executive, not just gave me new ideas, but also led to great new solutions. A very unique combination of agile and future thinking combined with a very sustainable execution personality."

Roland Meyer, Managing Director @ exorbyte, Germany

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Moderation & Facilitation

Unlock the Power of Effective Programs!

Over two decades I am a public speaker, facilitator and program designer in service for my global clients in business transformation.

In today's digital age, fostering a positive and inclusive workforce and environment is crucial. I am specialize in providing comprehensive design and moderation solutions tailored to your unique program needs, ensuring that your community flourishes while learning new skills, tapping into the collective wisdom and challenging the status quo.

Customized Approach:

Creating, designing and moderating programs, trainings and events for decades I understand that each community and company objectives are different. Me (and my colleagues) work closely with you to develop a tailored program strategy that aligns with your company guidelines, user expectations, and industry-specific requirements.


Creative meets Technology:

I leverage cutting-edge technologies combined with human centric practices to enhance efficiency and unleash the full potential of each participant. The little details make often the difference as well as how you create and hold the space for everyone to explore, experience and grow.


As I am able to hold the strings together, I love to expand my circle of thought-leaders to you. Not one person can move a mountain and I am a huge fan of connecting several ecosystems to co-create and learn from each-other so your event & program design can also be scaled in many directions throughout hierarchies over the years.

Whether you're launching a new strategy, culture shift or leadership direction - from design to moderation, I am excited to give your event a unique twist.

Together, we can build a vibrant, growing, and engaging workforce that leaves a lasting positive impression on your clients and society.

Let's embark on a journey towards a thriving and inclusive work force.​

Speaker Coaching

I am here to magnify your voice!

Over the years I also had the privilege to coach amazing leaders and thought-provokers to amplify their impact by inspiring audiences in-house and externally with their unique message.


From TEDx, board presentations to Leadership conferences my coachees inspired their audience with storytelling, stage presence and an energetic carousel to anker their message.

(Link to Blog - with the people I coached / TEDX)

What my Speaker Coachees say:

"A fantastic experience to speak at the TEDx Women event Eve curated! Eve is an excellent and supportive coach, very open-minded, courageous and generous. The sort of leader with a heart, who wants to see people shine, that we need so much right now. Thank you Eve!" (Alessandra Di Leo, Switzerland)

“My dream was to deliver a high quality and memorable TEDx talk and Eve helped it come true. She guided me every step of the way and showed me how to transform my ideas into a powerful story with an impactful title. Speaking in corporate or on a TEDx stage is a big difference and Eve guided me to another level of sharing my story so inspirational.  If you are serious about giving a great TED talk, I highly recommend working with Eve as your speaker coach.”

(Jennifer Claire Westholt)

Image by Mika Baumeister

Happy to share my expertise in your Podcast

I am always eager to explore captivating discussions and thought-provoking conversations. As a respected expert in my field of business transformation and leadership, I have been invited to share valuable insights, expertise, and personal experiences on various podcasts.

Discover a few podcast episodes here:

A few reasons why podcast hosts invited me on their show:

  1. Expertise and Authority

  2. Diverse Range of Topics

  3. Engaging and Informative Conversations

  4. Practical Advice and Takeaways

  5. Valuable Networking Opportunities

Let's unlock a world of new valuable insights with your audience.

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Eve_Fourth Act podacst.jpg

Interested to discuss how I can ignite new and 'without borders' ideas in your organization?

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"Eve Simon is a formidable, visionary and high-energy leader, coach and consultant. Her passion shines through in every initiative, including the new Future of Leadership Salon, which she conceived and executed and where she was a masterful curator of people and ideas. Her work spans two continents, including Silicon Valley and the vibrant heart of the German Rhineland. I was privileged to play a role in Eve’s first Future of Leadership Salon in Dusseldorf in 2018. The camaraderie and shared learning left everyone wanting more. Highly recommended.


Doug Kirkpatrick, California

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