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Eve Simon

Speaker I Coach I Consultant - Enterprise Architect





Düsseldorf, Germany
San Francisco, CA-USA


virtual & in-Person

German & English

Igniter of Change

Besides a Masters in Marketing & Economics, a 14 year corporate leadership career, 14 years as an entrepreneur and various certifications in Leadership, Organizational Development, Coaching, Design Thinking, Mindfulness, Agility and Ecology; people say about me that I usually see the glass ‘overflowing’ and always come up with new ideas. With a passion to open new horizons, I believe, being in business can be fun and meaningful while making money and doing good for the planet.

Four Key Work Experiences & Stages in a Nutshell

1993 - 1998
My Advertisement Years

1998 - 2005
My Time in Telecommunication

2005 - 2012
The independent pollinating bee
in the US.

2012 - present
Leadership with Impact.
Agility meets Regeneration
Building bridges between worlds

Becoming a creative professional with a proven track record in the field of advertising gave me a solid foundation in being a) client centered b) creative solution oriented and c) result and impact driven. From my training years at Grey Advertisement to growing one of the first digital full-service start-up agencies within Germany – I had the pleasure to be in service for brands such as Stinnes BauMarkt, Fuji and Dorint to manage and strategies national campaigns, build on market research, collaborated with creatives in copy-writing, design and content development and became a highly effective project coordinator and client relationship manager.

My dynamic and forward-thinking professional career continued in the telecommunications industry. Possessing a strong curiosity of emerging technologies and market trends, it was fascinating to thrive in such a fast-paced environment and excel at driving growth first in leading national trade marketing campaigns and later on building the internal communications division, touching executive development and business innovation and transformation. With a proven track record in delivering reliable solutions and enhancing employee and customer experiences with my teams, I was poised to contribute as a leader the continued growth and success journey of E-Plus from start-up towards expansion and crucial market player.

From corporate manager to entrepreneurial professional my successful career trajectory continued starting my own boutique consulting & coaching business in the US, focusing on a ‘Conscious Business’ approach, supporting corporations, leaders and start-ups to pivot in constant times of change based on a triple button line targeted for people, planet and profit. The collaboration of a wider ecosystem and strategic partnerships such as with the Institute for Applied Creativity brought enhanced efficiency, agility and global conceptualized solutions as well as sustainable and cutting-edge working & leadership models to my clients in steering business for the greater good - with a human-centered approach.

From a creative, innovative and human centered consultant and coach my work and personal life took a turn when I became a mom late in life and the biggest question we often ask: ‘WHY’ became not a cognitive answer but a settled intrinsic motivation and inner igniter to steer my work towards a healthy future for all and next generations. The impact leaders and their entities can excel the well-being of society or in contrary also deplete our resources. Today my work guides organizations and their leaders towards embracing purpose-driven strategies that align with ecological and societal well-being and builds bridges between an agile mindset and regenerative action With a focus on fostering diversity & inclusion, sustainability, and social responsibility, I am dedicated to empowering leaders to thrive while creating a regenerative future.

Project Highlights of the last years

Working With the Best Clients, Companies and Partners

I treasure my experience in various fields - such as Telecommunications, Tech, Hospitality, Cargo, Pharma, Advertisement and Trade.


I worked for large corporations as well as non-profits and small to mid-sized companies - such as E-Plus, Vaillant, Maersk, Dorint/Interconti, Fuji, Job One for Humanity and Grey Advertisement Network.


And coached Leaders and Executives from: IBM, EON, Bayer, Brose, Currenta, smart source it, Metro, RBSM, BASF, Lufthansa, Novartis and many start-ups.

Eve integrates her European and US expertise in a unique way when teaching, mentoring, and coaching entrepreneurs and executives. Working with Eve is always a pleasure and her uncanny ability to identify issues that need addressing allows her to work across industries and domains.

Florian Brody, San Francisco

My Ecosystem: Teams & Teachers

My promise: If I can’t solve your problem, I probably know someone who can. I believe in collective intelligence and I am blessed with a wide network.

I not just hold a Master in Business and Marketing from the University of Basel, Switzerland - as constant learner I also studied and worked with the best thought-leaders of their class - from Ken Wilber, Chip Conley, to the many teachers at the Esalen Institute, Stanford, to Aberkyn, Hyper Island and the Capital Institute.


My partner ecosystem:

From the Conscious Business Center, Seminar Partner, the Institute for Applied Creativity and Oxford Leadership Academy, Ludic Group, Perform Globally to Companions for Leadership as well as many great consultants and thought leaders around the globe inspire me daily in our work around leadership in change.

Image by Andrew Stutesman

Passion & Purpose Initiatives

FoLSalon Havas 2019.jpg


Future of Leadership Salon

In 2018 I started a Salon series which is based on two leadership principles a) leadership is personal b) conversation is key. The Salon brought regular 60 diverse leaders from Europe together to build on the wisdom of 6 thought-provokers to explore how we steer consciously our entities for People - Planet - Profit.

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Moms Lead Change

Building on 50+ interviews with moms who lead in corporations such as Amazon, SAP, Vodafone and many more it became clear that 'motherhood is a bootcamp in new leadership' and that we have to change the possibilities for working moms to not just fill our talent gap but also steer collectivly for a health future for next generations.



Female Leadership Journeys

An innovation journey to Silicon Valley offered female leaders a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the thriving ecosystem of technology and entrepreneurship. From Company visits, to start-up engagement, to innovation hacker spaces to education and research institutions gave not just new impulses but long-term partnerships - deepened by leadership session to ignited new solutions for business and life.

Board Member

Being on the Board of several organizations is not an image aspect but rather an approach to give back. One I am most engaged with right now is the Organization REQUISITE AGILITY based in India who thrives by the ideas to create fully conscious companies by combining western agile principles with ancient eastern philosophies.

lRA ogo.png

Lecturer at several Faculties

Over the years I had the honor to give back and inspire new generations. Even sometimes I feel I get so much in return by sharing my knowledge in marketing, communication, innovation, leadership and personal excellence at Universities such as Fresenius, Hyper Island or the Tertia Marketing Academy.

My passion engagement right now is to bring Leadership 4.o to the Masters program in Organization Development and Entrepreneurship at the University of Fresenius.

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Featured in

Publishing as an expert in multiple magazines is an honor. I am always happy to share my 5 cents around Regenerative leadership, business transformation, the innovative Spirit of Silicon Valley, the moms accelerator and mindful management.

I am just a call away for our 'pick-my-brain' session for your magazine, online publication or podcast.

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