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Dry Roses and Diary

Show the world what you are made of

Align your Personal & Professional Life with YOUR Passion, Values & Vision based on a proven success roadmap.


The Inner Leadership Compass

Radiate from the Inside Out 

This 7-step program will give you strength and clarity from within to live an abundant life - professionally & personally - without being torn apart by outer circumstances

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Write the next chapter in your life

Imagine you had the strategic plan and roadmap to enjoy a successful career you love, see your impact unfold and be able to bring your talents and voice to the table without neglecting your well-being, authentic self and family.




a career-driven woman who has big goals and dreams but are stopped by these reasons?

Overall you are ready for the next career step and write your next chapter!


A promotion, returning after maternity leave, feeling stressed or overwhelmed, urging for (a new) direction, search for your unique purpose or worried about world events. There are many reasons why women joined us in the past.

Most importantly,

they all felt a fire, a desire that there is more and they are ready to live life with passion and to make things happen.


We have all been there AND we learned to balance personal and professional life while unleashing our true potential and vision.


Are you ready?

You want to spend quality time with your family and friends but your job is very demanding


You know it's time to focus on your health and hobbies that you want to pursue but can’t because you feel to exhausted.


No matter how much you try to organize your time to accommodate career and family, you still can’t find a way to balance.


Pursuing your dream job or leadership-role seems impossible without neglecting your family


You give your best to deliver excellent results at work but you are always overseen for the next project or promotion


You urge for a change in the world but you don't know where to focus your talents.

Why tailor-made for women only?

As a leader, women and mom we are intrinsically creating a better world every day - not for ourselves but for everyone around us and next generations to come. This program is designed to strengthen YOU from the inside out, to prevent you from burning out and that you shine your light even stronger in this next chapter of society!

A unique program to strengthen you from within

We believe that you as women are already equipped with many future leadership skills such as an innovative mindset, agile skills, active listening ability, caring for people and a sustainable mindset. Your leadership and voice is crucial for positive change.



Two Days in a great location
May 4th and 5th (Thursday & Friday)

Create consciously the next chapter of your life. Design from the inside out, hack your barriers, vision what is possible and create the road map to reach what your heart desires.

Hosted by HAVAS Germany, the agency which stand for meaningful brands and sustainable solutions.

Our next virtual C0-Hort will start September 17th

1. Week-long BOOTCAMP
Sunday November 6th, Tuesday 8th, Thursday 10th & Sunday 13th
each day from 4.30pm CET to 8pm - 3.5h full of inspiration & deep exchange

21. Female global Trailblazer
We keep the group small, but large enough to thrive for diverse perspectives, backgrounds, expertise & fields - group coaching included

Here is how the
will benefit you:

​​Through careful introspection and guided facilitation, you will:

  1. See how your life so far unfolded and impacted how you see and act in the world

  2. Identify your negative patterns, habits and behaviors that are presently holding you back

  3. Explore all your brilliance, talents and expertise to thrive in life and business

  4. Define the cornerstones of your well-being based on your values.

  5. Identify your purpose or that which gives you meaning in life.

You will leave this program:

  1. With a future vision for all key areas of your life to feel whole (Career, Family, You)

  2. Recognize and put in place a plan to overcome barriers which are holding you back

  3. And last but not least with concrete strategies for leading yourself, your relationships, your career and your organization better, to thrive impactful without burning out.

You are not alone in this. With us and an amazing group on your side you will build your next success chapter with a strong network, cheerleaders, sponsors, mentors and buddies in crime.

Our mission is to give you lasting change that starts from within and ripples out to spread a positive effect in you, your home, business and the world.

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Module 1 - Facts

Where have I come from and how did I get here?


Identify what stage you are at in your life. You will see where you’ve come from and what you’ve learned. You will identify what (good and bad) patterns of thinking, responding and behaving you’ve acquired. You will discover what scale of change is needed. You will also learn about presence and the ‘total intelligence’ of the leader.

A Sneak Peak inside the Course

A Proven Success System

The Inner Leadership Compass (ILCC) was adopted from the Self-Managing Leadership Program (SML) by Oxford Leadership and adjusted and customized to the needs of women for an open personalized course.
To date, the SML Program have transformed more than 900,000 purpose-driven leaders in-house in business by defining their purpose, clarifying their vision, and created a strategic plan for the next chapter of their life.
Our appreciation and gratitude goes to Oxford Leadership and over 100 ladies who trusted us already to bridge the path from burnt-out and professional frustration to thriving as radiant and impactful leaders, women & mother.

Who joined us in the past?

Female executives, leaders and entrepreneurs from around the globe - from Peru, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Austria to Germany and companies such as Amazon, Volvo, Vodafone, UniCredit and Microsoft to midsize and start-ups.

It is an investment in your leadership impact and career,
but especially also in the well-being of yourself and loved ones.

Are you ready too?

How valuable would it be to you if you could enjoy your kids without your work being compromised?

How far will you go if you could effortlessly reach your peak-performance at work and be productive without feeling exhausted at the end of the day?

What is it worth if you could bring out the natural leader in you and inspire your team to their most creative, outstanding and innovative version of themselves?

How would you feel if you could spend time with your children, pursue your passion and excel in your career – effortless by enjoying life to the fullest?

We are not saying it is easy.

And the wording ‘you can have it all' is pretty much BS or needs to be redefined, but we do know how it feels to have a clear sense of purpose, feel unstoppable living your strength and vision and being able to adopt to outer circumstances easier by staying true to ourself.

With this program and your commitment
you CAN dive into your Inner Landscape to stay strong in this frantic world.

Maren Wölfl

Maren has extensive experience in

Business Coaching and training in

international companies.

Her focus and clarity in combination with a high regard for people leads to inspiring results.


Her main talents lie in realizing and strengthening unique talents and the courage to trust your intuition.


She as been recognized for providing in depth know-how on Women and Leadership and building trustful and sustainable relationships with people.

Maren lives in Vienna and is a mom of 3.

Your Guides

Our promise to you


We have been there, as leaders, women and moms.


We know the pain, we know the gain. And with all our talent, expertise and heart we are eager to inspire female trailblazer like you to step up and lean in to accelerate a sustainable future for you and society.

Eve Simon

German by nature, Californian by heart - that promises an unusual approach in all Eve does - as a New Work consultant, executive coach, key-note speaker and serial entrepreneur. With a systemic perspective and diverse knowledge and expertise in Marketing, Business Development, Innovation, Leadership and Personal & Cultural Growth she merges different viewpoints into new solutions. She holds a Master degree from Switzerland besides various other certifications in coaching, mindfulness and agile methods; leading divisions in corporate for 14 years and running her boutique consulting firm since 2005.

Eve lives currently with her daughter in two continents – Silicon Valley and Germany.

Become a Corporate Partner

Bring the INNER LEADERSHIP COMPASS program also to your employees.
It's a huge win for your talents and diversity & inclusion agenda!

Female executives, leaders and experts from around the globe joined us before - from Peru, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Austria to Germany.

From companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Vodafone, SAP, Mondi, Havas, Bayer, Telefonica, Volvo or Antler - just to name a few.

Strengthen your female talents and grow with their brilliance and dedication. Supporting your talents of change. Turbocharge your sustainable success with us.

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