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"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
Alan Kay



International Consultant, Strategist & Interim-Manager with two decades of experience working at senior management level in large corporations and running small businesses; with cross-functional expertise in marketing, corporate & internal communications, innovation & digitization, cultural change management as well as leadership and organizational development for various industries such as Telecommunications, Advertisement, Fashion, Technology, Health and Hospitality.


That is me in a nutshell, but obvious there is more to it - and that is especially dependent on  your needs.

Looking for someone who bridges the gap:

  • to increase innovation and (requisite) agility

  • to transform for growth and sustainability

  • to take a stand in your DEI efforts

  • to accelerate your leadership impact

  • to create a thriving culture


As long it's  a human centered approach of business development & transformation, I am your gal for the next growth phase..


Whether temporary, or over the longer haul, whether you're beginning a project, in need of leadership or perhaps have lost a resource - I am committed to manage your vision, goals and tasks with the highest engagement.

Fluent in German & English

available remote, in Germany or the US

Like to explore futher?

Transformation requires a new breed of thinking

Through my work and life in Germany and Silicon Valley, I am equipped with a broad expertise, but also intercultural inclined and prepared to bring new impulses and outside the box thinking to the table.

Clients say about me, that I am combining strong management skills with the sensitivity and empathy for people with an eye towards achieving the (corporate) revenue objectives with vision, clarity and creativity and the ability to synthesize complex structures.


Skilled negotiator, good communicator and loyal team-player that combines committed and healthy assertiveness with exceptional flexibility and independent initiative. Having been a manager in corporate myself for several years gave me insights and compassion beyond a consulting perspective.

A red-line though-out my career:

  1. building departments, teams, projects and companies

  2. systemic thinker - globally and locally

  3. merge strategy with creativity and heart

  4. people and impact driven


More you will find here as well

Enabling your people

My systemic mind gets on fire by finding solutions for your  talents - from emerging leaders to seasoned professions.

From consulting cultural shift to designing blended learning concepts to the delivery of trainings (and Train the Trainers) I include interactive, innovative, practice-and application-oriented solutions which touch and inspire - and start therefore long-lasting transformation.

One of my specialties is conducting Innovation- and Leadership Journeys into the hubs of progress such as Silicon Valley, Toronto, Austin, Stockholm or Lisbon.

Connecting technology and people

Already in the '90th I was fascinated by technology and it's potential to change society and spread messages not just fast but target oriented. I implemented know-ledge management systems, internal communication channels and initiated innovation initiatives.

Until today I am eager to stay known on the forefront of technology with the wisdom to not just create for convenience but thriving social solutions.

Looking for your future (interim) Director of People & Culture -  Leadership Academy Leader or Diversity and Inclusion Social Influencer?

I would be thrilled to bring new impulses to your organization.

Reach out here

Grow Your Vision

Business Transformation comes in many forms and shapes. The most crucial success element are your people - your leadership and every grass root campaign you run.


Get in Touch

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