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Implementing Requisite Agility Workshop for Change Agents

20 years of ground-breaking research by the University of Brighton has provided key insights into the challenges of developing an effectively agile organisation. The research shows shows that agility needs to be ‘requisite’ rather than ‘one-size-fits all’.

Requisite Agility has profound implications for Change Agents. These will be examined during the new two-day Implementing Requisite Agility Workshop. Limited places are available. You can become a founding member of the Requisite Agility movement, acquire the knowledge and skills to facilitate fit-for-purpose agility and co-create crucial conversations to accelerate benefits to profit, people and planet.

Communal Space

Mastering And Championing Agility-Oriented Organizational Development

  • Are you responsible for helping organisations to become agile?

  • Do you find current methods for promoting enterprise agility are inadequate?

  • Have you found that parts of your organisation need to be agile in different ways?

  • Do you believe that systematic research should underpin change?

If your answer to these four questions is ‘yes’ then come and explore the potential of  Requisite Agility, the 6th generation of agility-oriented organisation development models.


Who Will Deliver The Workshop?

The workshop director is Dr David L Francis who was the Team Leader of the first academic research study to identify the importance of Requisite Agility more than 20 years ago. Dr Francis has continued to investigate the managerial challenges of becoming effectively agile advising organisations as diverse as a silicon valley technology leader, one of the largest food companies in the world, a UN Agency sponsoring projects to help impoverished communities and an order of the Roman Catholic Church.


Dr Francis is a member of CENTRIM (the Centre for research into Change Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation) within the School for Business and Law, University of Brighton. CENTRIM investigated how managers can transform their organisation to become effectively agile for more than two decades. Currently Dr Francis is a Facilitator of the UK Government’s Help-to-Grow programme which is tasked with the development of agility in
more than 30,000 smaller enterprises in the UK.

Why Is Requisite Agility Important?

The majority of CEOs have a top-five priority to-do which is to ‘drive my organisation to become productively agile and, therefore, future-ready in a world experiencing revolutionary change’. So, the big question for CEOs to answer is ‘how are we to be agile in ways that are functional, not dysfunctional?’ 


Agile Dysfunction is to (i) have too much or too little agility; (ii) adopt a dysfunctional type of agility; (iii) be agile in the wrong places; (iv) prioritise short-term agility, without developing sufficient resilience to cope with future challenges and (v) fail to acquire the foundational capabilities required to underpin organisational agility.


Despite these hazards an increasing number of companies and not-for-profit organisations have no option but to search for ways to become productively agile in ways that are fit-for-purpose in a world experiencing revolutionary change. 

Requisite Agility has been developed from 20 years of research into how companies and not-for-profit organisations succeed in adopting agile mindsets, skillsets and processes while achieving efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, risk-management, quality, responsibility and organisational coherence. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Adopting Requisite Agility enables an organisation to identify needs in depth, select the optimal agile management models and integrate agility within other managerial requirements.

Register For The Workshop

What Will It Cost To Participate?

The fee for attending the two-day Requisite Agility Workshop For Change Agents is £990. This includes pre-work, attendance at all sessions, learning materials, refreshments and lunches and an optional 15 minute personal coaching session with one of the Faculty Team in the month following the workshop.

Why Participate?

Senior leaders in all organisations must decide whether their enterprise needs to develop functional (not dysfunctional) agility and, if the answer is ‘yes’, they must have someone draw up road-maps for agility-oriented organisational development. Skilled and knowledgeable internal or external Change Agents play a key role.

£990 - For Two Days

  • Breakfast Snacks, Lunch and Refreshments provided.

  • Detailed Step-by-Step process for facilitating Requisite Agility.

  • Hands-on practice with live cases.

  • Research-Based insights into the realities of managing agile enterprises.

  • Use a newly developed typology of Agile Types to give precision to interventions.

  • Comprehensive documentation.

  • Understand required Change Agent competencies.

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