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The world needs you: a thriving Regenerative Leader with foresight for next generations creating value for people, planet & profit.

Welcome at my cyber space.

I am Eve Simon, your partner in transforming your business for sustainable success.

Passionately I help companies & leaders to maneuver the storms of today.  To thrive, without burning out!

My specialty

Building bridges between 'inside and outside the box' thinking - integrating an extraordinary creative 'toolbox' with state of the art subjects such as requisite agility, regenerative leadership paired with total intelligence practices as well as diversity and inclusion thinking - to find new ways for you and your company to succeed.

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Eve Simon

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One of today’s most pressing business challenges is building a “vibrant & collaborative culture” – one that naturally attracts and retains the best individuals and merges into strong teams. Building such a culture requires value-driven practices, a future-minded management, creatvity in all you do and an extraordinary level of respect for the people you work with and those who work for you.

With years of experience across a range of industries, I am specialized in helping businesses like yours navigate complex market conditions and drive growth through transformative strategies.


Here is what I can do for you: Unleash

Progress, cyclic systems and collective wisdom

Are you urging for a clear direction? In charge for a new agile, innovative and purposeful work approach? Searching for sustainable innovative solutions in times of change? Developing the leadership skills of your talents or eager to increase your Diversity & Inclusion footprint?

My approach: Leadership starts from within and ripples out from there towards teams and clients. The great resignation can also be your great re-calibration towards what matters most and attract top talents in untapped markets.

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