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Meaning Making & Action Logic for Evolutionary Leaders

Leaders of today not just need new tools and skills to tackle the challenges of our VUCA world such as Open Space technology or agile work methods such as Scrum or Design Thinking. These are great development subjects but will only develop leaders horizontal and not into the transformative state needed.

Vertical development is required to embrace a new mindset. But how do we shift, re-learn and re-pattern our mind to be prepared for this requirement? The first step is an understanding of self to drive the level of consciousness.

More than ever leaders need to be aware of their inner landscape to drive solutions, not from a reactive but pro-active and co-creative space. It is powerful to assess the personal action logic and to understand the individual meaning-making components to transform into the leader we need today.

Shortly after the great HBR article about the 7 stages of leadership was published in 2005 by Rooke and Torbert I had the fortune to dive into this concept at the Esalen Institute (forerunner for the human potential movement) with Jamie Wheal.

The emergence of a new form of leadership captures me since then. And in 2019 I had the chance again to dive very deep into the action logic's with David Rooke himself. Harthill developed an assessment – the LDF, which I now can also offer to my clients. (with a happy grateful and enthusiastic jump).

If you are an executive ready to raise your consciousness, transform your team and company and drive for the greater good, let’s connect and start the conversation.

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