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The Power of Purpose

We’re often faced with making difficult decisions in life and business – having to choose the right path for greater impact, influence and positive transformation.

Purpose is the answer. The inner North-Star guiding us the way.

The topic of purpose in our exponential and digital world is in high demand today. We strongly believe it’s very personal and unique. Purpose is both, a personal North Star and compass as well as an essential guide for businesses driving for success for all stakeholders. To become the kind of leaders we so urgently need, we first must look within ourselves – explore, heal and transform ourselves – to then change the outside world for the greater good. 22 authentic and bold stories are here to inspire you to look deeper and find your path to living a life with purpose. These 22 authors, connected by the Oxford Leadership network, have made this purposeful journey themselves and have carried that experience into their work with thousands of leaders around the globe. Oxford Leadership is a global cooperative leadership consultancy that has been committed to transforming leaders of Fortune 500 companies for good for over 20 years. We now invite you to join us on the same tangible and exciting journey. To live a more purposeful life is the key to thriving personally. It furthermore has the power to transform leadership and business into a force for the greater good and for a healthier planet.

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